Putting true words front & center.

The sort of long version of the story.

In 2009, our family was in the process of adopting a baby & for many reasons that journey was put on hold & eventually ended altogether.  In the waiting we wanted to reach out & help others in their adoption journeys, but our finances were tied up in our own adoption story.  

But, I paint.....& realized that this gift of painting could be given towards those other journeys while we waited. So I prayed about this & prayed for a name for this little painting adventure.  I wanted a word for the name - a single word.

During this waiting, there was a young girl we knew in ministry in Tanzania & she was beginning her journey to adopt a little girl named "Neema."  And this little girl Neema's name means "grace."  And there it was.  This little girl & her mother are a part of our story & reminder for me that God was still making all things new in the midst of a tough season for us.  He always is.

We hope to step along side many people in the path that God has them on.  And we will tell those stories as God brings them to us.


You know, the world comes at us pretty hard real early.  And for whatever reason, the majority of us choose to absorb the things that aren't true quickly.  We let other people tell us who we are & spend a lot of time & energy trying to be what we think we're supposed to be.  There's a true word out there & our hope is that those words find their place front & center.  That people would rest in the freedom of being fully known & dearly loved by their heavenly Father.

We are...

Well, I am Davis & I'm the disorganized creative one of this duo.  Lee is the organized coach, encourager, saw-operator, manager of this operation.  We would be nowhere without him.  We're also the mom & dad of 3 awesome little people that are rocking our worlds in all the good ways that kids do. 


Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created
— Esther 4:14