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I can't get away from the prophet Isaiah this time of year.  

Maybe because I was such a skeptic growing up & still tend to enjoy wrestling with God over my questions.  Isaiah told us all about Jesus way before we could've imagined him.  And we couldn't imagine him.  He wasn't the king we dreamt about.  He didn't make sense.

Which is exactly what keeps me in check - my sense & true sense aren't the same.  So changing my mind all the time is what I do.  Always cocking my head a little bit & considering that there's likely something I can't see or understand - & there's an odd comfort in choosing this perspective.  A relief from needing to have it all figured out.

And so when Christmas comes around I want to sit in this world after Jesus came into the world as a baby & remember Isaiah telling us about him way before the world got to meet him.  Because it helps me to hold onto hope for the future.  Things seem to be falling apart & my heart is breaking for pain in the world.

And I don't understand.  Just like the people Isaiah spoke to didn't understand.

And I will continue to remember what I do know. 

'For unto us a child is born.  To us a Son is given & the government will be upon his shoulders: And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.'

He has got a plan

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You know?  I remember the first thing I painted.  

I was so insecure about it.  

Never really dreamed it would become something.  

And it wasn't until I allowed myself to get out of the way to see that He was doing something through this work.   How cool is it that His word is living & active & even in my painting!?  

Blows my mind.  

It was always babies in the beginning.  Getting to be a part of their beginnings....putting true words in front of them from the very beginning.  And now it's for all!  These words of truth that I get to paint are scattered to people of all ages & all over the place! 

Today.....some sweet graduates are being sent off with these true words to be placed front & center as they live out their faith in new places.  It excites me to understand the power in these words & what can be done by these world changers.  

All you a force of goodness & truth wherever He places your feet.

 Surround yourself with encouragers in your walk & love the people that He places in your path.  Do your best & do it for the glory of God.  You've done well.  And He who has called you is faithful.


You're doing good.

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As I started out this road to motherhood I did my best to stay "ahead of the game"'s all i did.  I was a mom & I did all I could to protect the nap & the schedule & the snuggles & the laundry & all the stuff that comes with being a new mom.  Before I knew it these tiny sleeping babies grew into fast-moving, almost full grown people with very busy schedules....and I realized somehow that I had let it all get away from me.  

So I took a step back & was reminded of the verse that my husband refers to as the "Sandra Stanley verse."  It applies to my life today in the same way it did back then, though differently.  God has done & is doing things in each of our lives & I pray that I would not miss it.  The Lord has given us great encouragement to stay the course with these people He has trusted us with.  And with these tasks He has trusted us with.  With this life He has trusted us with.

When the words penned thousands of years ago by a man passionately serving the God He loved speak directly to my heart in the most personal and relevant way as a mom who wants so much to passionately serve the God I makes me want to pass it on.  And I have had other moms running this road along side of me ask for these words to be painted so that they are positioned front & center on the battlefields for them.   

You really are doing a great work, sister friend.  There will be many demands asked of you throughout this journey.  Especially if you are wanting to live in's just part of it.  Leaning on one another is a beautiful dance.  Doing this great work is not always about just saying no.  It's about being clear in what the Lord has put in front of you & working diligently to protect that mission.  So I'm cheering you & Nehemiah, & my guess is many many others that you've surrounded yourself with.  Keep it up....

True Words.

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you are dearly loved

These words.

I painted them because I have little people & I want this engraved on their souls.  I want them to operate out of this.  That they would be so full in knowing this so surely that they would overflow lovingly all over the place.  

But these words I paint for others often are offered to me.  

Healing words wrapped like a present from a Good Father who knows that my compass must be on Him & what He says to be true.  The problem is that it is too easy to try to make the compass something else.  To let the filter be whatever I decide it to be.

In our home, we have some rules & expectations as to how we try to operate as a family.  We will be honest, for example, even when it's hard.  But if one of us decides to let something else define the rules for our family, then our family just doesn't work well anymore.  

There have been days, & there will be days, when it is difficult to believe that I am dearly loved.  My kids will experience these days and my gut tells me that you will too.  But just because it's hard to believe doesn't make it not true.  

I am dearly loved. 

Stop it with the exhausting effort to try to be loved by anything else this world can offer.  Stop it with the wanting to be picked & chosen & accepted by anything more.  These days will absolutely bring joys & pain....and no matter the circumstances...You really are dearly loved.

So dearly loved.