True Words.

Davis MitchellComment
you are dearly loved

These words.

I painted them because I have little people & I want this engraved on their souls.  I want them to operate out of this.  That they would be so full in knowing this so surely that they would overflow lovingly all over the place.  

But these words I paint for others often are offered to me.  

Healing words wrapped like a present from a Good Father who knows that my compass must be on Him & what He says to be true.  The problem is that it is too easy to try to make the compass something else.  To let the filter be whatever I decide it to be.

In our home, we have some rules & expectations as to how we try to operate as a family.  We will be honest, for example, even when it's hard.  But if one of us decides to let something else define the rules for our family, then our family just doesn't work well anymore.  

There have been days, & there will be days, when it is difficult to believe that I am dearly loved.  My kids will experience these days and my gut tells me that you will too.  But just because it's hard to believe doesn't make it not true.  

I am dearly loved. 

Stop it with the exhausting effort to try to be loved by anything else this world can offer.  Stop it with the wanting to be picked & chosen & accepted by anything more.  These days will absolutely bring joys & pain....and no matter the circumstances...You really are dearly loved.

So dearly loved.