You're doing good.

Davis MitchellComment

As I started out this road to motherhood I did my best to stay "ahead of the game"'s all i did.  I was a mom & I did all I could to protect the nap & the schedule & the snuggles & the laundry & all the stuff that comes with being a new mom.  Before I knew it these tiny sleeping babies grew into fast-moving, almost full grown people with very busy schedules....and I realized somehow that I had let it all get away from me.  

So I took a step back & was reminded of the verse that my husband refers to as the "Sandra Stanley verse."  It applies to my life today in the same way it did back then, though differently.  God has done & is doing things in each of our lives & I pray that I would not miss it.  The Lord has given us great encouragement to stay the course with these people He has trusted us with.  And with these tasks He has trusted us with.  With this life He has trusted us with.

When the words penned thousands of years ago by a man passionately serving the God He loved speak directly to my heart in the most personal and relevant way as a mom who wants so much to passionately serve the God I makes me want to pass it on.  And I have had other moms running this road along side of me ask for these words to be painted so that they are positioned front & center on the battlefields for them.   

You really are doing a great work, sister friend.  There will be many demands asked of you throughout this journey.  Especially if you are wanting to live in's just part of it.  Leaning on one another is a beautiful dance.  Doing this great work is not always about just saying no.  It's about being clear in what the Lord has put in front of you & working diligently to protect that mission.  So I'm cheering you & Nehemiah, & my guess is many many others that you've surrounded yourself with.  Keep it up....