He has got a plan

Davis MitchellComment

You know?  I remember the first thing I painted.  

I was so insecure about it.  

Never really dreamed it would become something.  

And it wasn't until I allowed myself to get out of the way to see that He was doing something through this work.   How cool is it that His word is living & active & even in my painting!?  

Blows my mind.  

It was always babies in the beginning.  Getting to be a part of their beginnings....putting true words in front of them from the very beginning.  And now it's for all!  These words of truth that I get to paint are scattered to people of all ages & all over the place! 

Today.....some sweet graduates are being sent off with these true words to be placed front & center as they live out their faith in new places.  It excites me to understand the power in these words & what can be done by these world changers.  

All you a force of goodness & truth wherever He places your feet.

 Surround yourself with encouragers in your walk & love the people that He places in your path.  Do your best & do it for the glory of God.  You've done well.  And He who has called you is faithful.